About Us

Lyromix is a leading global sports equipment and netting products enterprise with scalable growth portfolios in trampoline, sports and Pet Products etc. Today, we mainly sell our products in Europe and North America. Meeting the needs of an increasing demand of healthy lifestyle is a challenge that inspires everything we do.

Our Product

Out of deep conviction, we only offer branded products that are easy to use and feature the best quality. This is the only way we can sure that you will enjoy our products for a long time. The safety of your child and your satisfaction is always our top priority.

Our Vision

An all-round good feeling for families.

We want to enrich the world of families and make them feel good all around. We strive for this every day with joy and enthusiasm.

At Lyromix, your family will find a hand-picked selection of items - from kid equipment to service for your dogs. When it comes to the care, safety and health of your family, diligence is paramount. This is where we come in with our selected range and personal service.

We bring creativity, an entrepreneurial and unwavering commitment to deliver safe, reliable and dynamic solutions to all our customers.


Our Service

Our team has the greatest understanding of your worries and needs and will help with all questions about our range. We take a lot of time for you because we ourselves know very well how difficult such purchase decisions are in this phase of life.

Our team is committed to ensuring that you receive the best customer service to assist you in solving any problems. Don't be shy, just send us an email and we will try our best to answer any questions you have.
Please wait up to 24 hours before we can get back to you.
If you do not receive our reply within 2 working days, please send us an email again via the contact information below.
Email: lyromix@yeah.net